About us

Patients and their governments create outstanding healthcare registries to enable data-based innovation for better healthcare.

We are here to ensure this innovation happens.

What we do

We create easy access to healthcare register data. Globally.

How we create access

We combine the use of technology and our extensive network of local register experts to create access to the specific data of our customers’ needs.

How we deliver the access

We have streamlined the process for acquiring healthcare register data by mapping national registries to the corresponding pharma industry use-cases and our trained expert network handles the data query operations efficiently​

We exist because acquiring healthcare register dataReal-World-Evidence (RWE), Real-World-Data (RWD), Healthcare Register Data, Materialized treatments data etc. healthcare and life science related databases and registers is becoming a significant cost-driver for pharma industry.

And we know

how to cut that cost.

We slash the costs by developing processes which combine technology and healthcare register experts in a unique way.​

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