About us

Patients and their governments create outstanding healthcare registries to enable data-based innovation for better healthcare.

We are here to ensure this innovation happens.

What we do

We create easy access to healthcare register data. Globally.

How we create access

We combine the use of technology and our extensive network of local register experts to create access to the specific data of our customers’ needs.

How we deliver the access

We have streamlined the process for acquiring healthcare register data by mapping national registries to the corresponding pharma industry use cases and equipped our expert network with the knowledge to handle the data query operations efficiently.

We exist because acquiring real-world dataReal-World-Evidence (RWE), Real-World-Data (RWD), Healthcare Register Data, Materialized treatments data etc. healthcare and life science related databases and registers has racked up large costs.

And we know

how to cut those costs.

We slash the budgets by developing processes which both employ technology efficiently and bring the right people to the right place.

What makes us different?

The current “RWD” and “RWE” solutions tend to be premium priced or aim to develop a gatekeeper position for the data, without adding any real value. And this happens for the “open” data which patients and registers provide basically free of charge with the hope to innovate for better care.

We decided to fix that and bring forward an alternative.

We believe in the concept of value-based healthcare and we are committed to transforming the world of Pharma following its principles. This means our solutions are designed to add real value to our customers without any of the traditional consultancy fees or made up services. Ultimately, a streamlined digital process resulting in lower costs for Pharma companies will help decrease the burden on patients. That is what our goal is.

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